I have a wife, family, full time job, Church, hobbies…I need another thing to do like I need a great big gaping hole in the top of my head. So why start a blog? I am fairly computer literate, but don’t twitter, chat, facebook or myspace. So why start a blog? There are lots of people out there that know a lot more than I do about blacksmithing and woodworking. So why start a blog?

I have worked with my hands as long as I can remember…mostly working in wood. About three years ago, I started blacksmithing. Both of these hobbies bring me a great deal of joy and I have learned a lot about both over the years. As I get older (52 next month) I have begun to feel a need to share what knowledge I have with others. I have started writing for the Appalachian Blacksmith Association newsletter and doing some demonstrations at the monthly meetings of the New River Forge Council This blog is just a natural progression of that process. Maybe someone will get a little enjoyment out of seeing my successes and failures.

As I said earlier, I have a full life. I know I will not post to this blog every day, maybe not even every week. But if this sort of thing interests you, check back from time to time…maybe we can learn some things together. Thanks for looking…bart