Finished the stand for our apple butter kettle today. I wasn’t satisfied with how the ring fit the kettle so I forged another. Then I made three legs to support the ring. I began by offsetting the tops of the legs so they would splay outward. This was done with the help of a bending jig I made a couple years ago.


Once all three legs were offset, I began to define the feet with a spring swage.


The feet were further defined by rounding on the anvil and drawing out the legs just above the feet.



Below are the finished ring and three legs.


Finally, I added my touchmark. It represents my initials “BJ” in front of mountains.


The three legs were riveted to the ring with three rivets each and the apple butter kettle stand was done. I might add some kind of finish but will probable just rub it down with cooking oil. The heat from the fire will bake it in just like seasoning a cast iron skillet. Thanks for looking!