I Made a stirring paddle today for our apple butter kettle. My wife has been busy recruiting stirrers for the big day ( September 8). The paddle was made from an old poplar board that has been seasoning in my shop for over twenty years. Would have preferred maple or birch but couldn’t find any locally that was seasoned. I used a combination of power and hand tools to shape the paddle: table saw and bandsaw to rough it out, router round-over bit on the paddle, chisels and mallet to cut the mortices, handsaw to cut the tenon ans spokeshave to shape the handle.

Here’s a shot of the finished paddle with the kettle and stand.


Then a close-up of the paddle.


And finally a detail shot of the pegged mortice and tenon joint that holds the paddle to the handle.


I’ve been told that the pegged mortice tenon joint was traditionally used so that different paddles could be used with one handle…one for apple butter, one for molasses, etc. Makes sense if you think about it. Thanks for looking…bart