A couple years ago I went into the seed section of our local big-box hardware store in early July. My plan was to get some beans for a late planting. The only ones they has left were an heirloom variety called “dragon’s tongue”. Never heard of them, but the info on the back of the package sounded good: large stringless pods, bush bean, blight and drought resistant, etc. But the picture on the front…oh my! These had to be the strangest looking beans I had ever seen: large yellow-green pods streaked with crimson. But, I decided to give these “dragon tongues” a try.

As it turns out, they have become one of our favorite beans. They have a great flavor, are tender and stringless even if left on the vine a little long and produce a lot of beans. Although they do NOT retain their red streaks when cooked, they do look a little different. Instead of the dark green of Half Runners, Blue Lakes etc, they are a pale green when cooked. Here’s a handful of our first “mess” this summer. Ain’t they purdy?!


Thanks for looking…bart

ps…got some banana peppers and a cucumber today too! I love it!