Several years ago Austin Brown, an old gentleman we went to church with, brought my wife an unusual looking tomato. It looked like a red, ripe…banana pepper! We brought it home and I saved the seeds before we ate it. It was delicious…firm flesh, sweet, juicy.
The next spring my Dad planted the seeds and by mid-summer he had buckets of the luscious red fruit. That man LIVED to grow tomatoes! He and Mom really liked this one and it became a staple around the Johnson house.
We never did learn the real name of these tomatoes. Someone told me they may be a Polish heirloom? We just called them “Dad’s Pepper Tomatoes”. Dad shared seeds and plants with anybody that wanted them. He always started a few plants for me.
Dad passed away last year. But his tomatoes live on. I planted the seeds the first weekend in March. I’ve fought too much rain, blight, blossom end rot and Japanese beetles all summer but they are finally starting to get ripe!



Thanks for looking…bart