Today I forged a second reinforcing collar for the head of the wooden press screw I made for my cider press. These collars are similar to the collars on the ends of the hubs of wooden wagon wheels. The first step is to measure the diameter of the seat turned for the collar. I used an outside caliper then transferred that measurement to a rule.


Next a length of 1/4 inch round mild steel was forged to a rectangular profile. In this picture you can see the round stock on the bottom and the rectangular stock, cut to length, at the top. I cut it to 1/4 inch over the circumference measured earlier.

Next a scarf was forged on the two ends. A scarf is basically a short taper that allow the two ends to overlap for welding.

The ring can be turned in a number of ways but I did it over the horn of the anvil. The ends of the ring were brought together, vigorously wire brushed to remove oxidation scale and fluxed with borax. The flux keeps oxidation from reforming in the joint prior to welding.

Forge welding moves too fast for me to photograph it while working alone. Basically the ring was placed in the forge and brought up to a white heat. When I judged it to be hot enough, it was quickly forged together over the horn of the anvil. The shape was then refined and trued to a fair circle. Thanks for looking…bart