My Three Sisters Garden became somewhat of a disaster as the summer progressed into fall. First the wind blew down the corn. I straightened it back up. Then the bean vines decided to run from hill to hill and became a knotted mass of bean vines, breaking the tops of the corn down in the process. The squash bloomed all summer but didn’t set a single squash.
Now for the upside…I impatiently pulled a couple ears of the Abenaki flint corn a few days ago. While it did not reach the advertised ear size of 8-12 inches (mine are about 6-7) the ones I picked are full and pretty. I feel I might reach my goal of a pan or two of cornbread from my own fresh ground cornmeal.
The Trail of Tears beans seemed to produce well within the matted jungle they become. It’s hard to tell how much I have while they are still on the vine. The pods are full and the beans are beautiful!
Both the corn stalks and bean vines have turned brown and dry over the past two weeks. I plan to harvest in a few more days. I’ve been thinking of how I can improve my Three Sisters Garden next year…