I buy most of my hand-tools at flea markets and tailgate sales. Additionally, if the price is right, I buy duplicates of tools I already own for trading stock or to gift to my ‘smith buddies. Teresa and I went to a couple of flea markets recently. The first was the GIANT flea market in Hillsville, VA over Labor Day weekend. Then, this past weekend, we went to the Lion’s Club flea market in Dublin, VA.

I have been looking for another cast iron file handle. I’ve seen a couple on Flea-bay but they go for $30-35! That’s ridiculous! At Hillsville, I scored three handles, two like new with useable files for twenty bucks!

Then at Dublin, I found a square blacksmith punch and a nice small cross-peen hammer. I plan to turn the hammer into a small rounding hammer.

I’m a sucker for tiny hammers…especially old, inexpensive hammers!

One of the files that came with the cast iron handles was of a type and from a maker I have never seen before. It is tapered in thickness and has one safe edge. It is marked “Crucible Steel” and “Ivanhoe” on one side of the tang and “Henry Rosseelace Sheffield” on the other. It appears to be a quality tool with a lot of life left. I’m curious…might have to research that maker…