This evening Teresa and I did a dry (or would it be WET?) run with our cider press. We used a mixture of Winesap and Grimes Golden apples. We threw in a couple Kiefer pears for good measure…never made cider before so anything goes. I chopped the apples using an old Universal #3 food chopper. Then the “must” (thats what we cider makers call the ground up apples, lol) was placed in a freshly washed pillow case in the press tub. The pressure plate was placed on top of that and the screw turned down. After the screw contacted the pressure plate, two more turns started the dark amber liquid to flowing. We had about four quarts of must which yielded a little over a quart of cider. How did it taste? Really fresh! It was a little tart but sweet enough I think. We will have to experiment with the apple varieties as we go forward. Overall I think our test run was a success!