I hadn’t had any buckwheat cakes for a while so I ground some fresh flour this morning. I like to make mine 3/4 buckwheat flour and 1/4 whole wheat flour. I grind it on an old hand-cranked Blackhawk burr mill. It’s is some of the buckwheat my friend Mike Lawhorn gave me last winter. I don’t know how long buckwheat will keep but I’ve got it in a sealed 5-gallon food grade plastic bucket and it seems just fine. I just grind it as I need it.
Anyway…in addition to the buckwheat cakes I had some fried Grimes Golden apples, some of our apple butter and finished off the last of our cider we pressed last week. Only thing missing was some good ol’ country sausage but we’re all out…might have to rectify that situation in a day or two!