I know you guys are probably getting really BORED with my rants about the replacement screw for our cider press…too bad…this is my blog! (Ha-ha Hee-hee in my best egomaniacal laugh…) Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I have never done this before and thought it might interest my fellow nerds…
A couple days ago I turned a pretty fair cylinder from a chunk of beech a friend gave me. I say “pretty fair” because an expert turner I’m not. Most of my turning experience has been making tool handles and such. This morning I laid out the helix for the 2 TPI threads using 1/2 inch electrical tape. The tape was spaced just far enough apart for a saw kerf. And saw I did! Pretty tough going with the little backsaw in seasoned beech. The 1/4 inch depth for the kerf was marked out with tape as well.

Then, after unwrapping the tape, the real fun began! Chopping and paring the threads with chisels is slow going. I penciled in the center of the threads by eye then pared almost to the line. I only have 4 threads so far with 24 more to go! When I tried them in the nut I made last week the fit was good…a little tight, but good. I’d rather have it a little tight initially so I can trim to a better fit. By the way, the unthreaded portion in the left of the picture is waste that will be trimmed off later.