Today we worked up the last of the apples we had set aside for cider…Red Delicious, Winesap and an unidentified sweet apple. Before pressing the cider, the apples must be ground up into approximately 1/4-1/2 inch pieces. We used an antique Universal #3 food chopper I pinked up off E-Bay to do this chore. I’m a real antique tool nerd, whether its an old Stanley multiplane, a blacksmith’s drill press or a food chopper. And this little piece of Victorian ingenuity is a peach!

Constructed from good ol’ American made chrome plated cast iron it came with three different cutters for fine, medium and coarse chopping. The coarse one seemed about right and made short work of five-plus gallons of quartered apples. The price? This one set me back fifteen bucks, including shipping!
By the way, those five gallons of quartered apples yielded about two gallons of most excellent sweet cider. The new press screw I made last week performed flawlessly.
ps…we liked the #3 Universal so well I found it a little brother on E-Bay, a #1…this one has a cutter for making peanut butter! Yep, I’m a nerd…