A couple summers ago I cast a bunch of bullets for my Ruger 32 magnum Bisley revolver. I lubed them with a beeswax-based lube and there they sat…and sat…and sat…
Lately I’ve been homebound when not at work due to the weather and a knee problem. I’ve had problems with my knees for years and aggravated the problem last weekend climbing up and down a ladder while cleaning our gutters and sweeping our chimney.
But I cant “just sit” so yesterday I got out my old Lyman 310 reloading tool to size the bullets prior to reloading some cartridges. 19th century technology, what else?!

First the sizing chamber is screwed into the tool. Then the bullet is inserted into the chamber base first.

This is followed by the push rod. Push the rod in until resistance is felt. Resistance means the bullet is at the start or the resizing section of the chamber.

Now close the handles…

…and the sized bullet is pushed out the end of the die:

The Lyman 310 tool and a sized bullet:

Unsized bullet on the left; sized bullet on the right:

Thanks for looking…bart
ps…really weird publishing about 19th century technology from my cell phone on my dinner break…