Dad always said you should never complain about a refrigerator thats too full or an overflowing food cabinet. With that being said, we never have had a good place to store our canned goods, especially the home-canned variety. They usually end up in a box under the bed or (worse yet) in my “den”.
This week I built a small “pantry” on one side of our very small laundry room.
Since it is an inside wall, I began by pulling down the paneling that spanned three studs. I figured if I set the shelves into the wall I could increase their depth by 3-1/2 inches without increasing how much they protruded into an already cramped room.
Our little pantry was made entirely of 1 x 6 pine boards from the local big-box store. They extend from floor to ceiling and the shelves are glued and nailed into dados cut into the uprights. I spaced the shelves so they would hold a quart canning jar. Of course a pint jar fits just as well and two half-pints will actually stack one on top of the other.
Most of the cutting and dadoing was done with the table saw and router. Here you can see a shop-built jig being used to guide the router, assuring equally spaced rabbets.

20131124-090438.jpg Sometimes, however, the old ways are more efficient. So, I used a wood-bodied jack plane to joint the edge of one of the uprights…

20131124-091421.jpg …and a wooden skew bladed rabbet plane to cut a rabbet for the back of the shelves:

20131124-091911.jpg I re-used the panelling I had previously removed from the wall as a back for the shelves. The completed pantry units were attached to the studs with #10 wood screws. I then attached trim cut from some wider molding left over from another project. The wide section between the units provides a channel for wiring to an electrical outlet on the other side of the wall.

20131124-092754.jpg As with most storage, it didn’t take it long to fill up!

Since the original door swung into the laundry room, covering our new pantry and crowding an already cramped space, I replaced it with a new bifold door that folds conveniently out of the way.



Thanks for looking…bart