If you have been following my blog you may remember my Three Sisters Garden experiment last summer. The squash didn’t bear, the beans molded on the vine…but I did end up with nearly a quart of dried corn. Abenaki (also known as Roy’s Calais) flint corn to be exact. Abenaki is a traditional “Indian” corn that produces both yellow and red ears, the red ears being recessive.

Today, to celebrate the new year, we cooked some cabbage with smoked sausage and fried some potatoes. Oh, and I ground some of the corn and made a pan of cornbread.

As you can see, the cornbread turned out not white, not yellow, but a deep golden brown! Flecks of red from the red kernels could be seen throughout.

We used a recipe from Mother Earth News, tweaked a little by the addition of a small amount of sugar. It was a very hearty tasting bread – moist, chewy, with a hint of nuttiness. We liked it! I may try growing this corn again this year.

Thanks for looking…bart.