Too cold to go to the shop the past few days (currently 10 above at the homestead, -6 forecasted overnight!) so I was forced to occupy myself INSIDE. First, I got out the dehydrator and dried some apples. I like to keep a few dried apples on hand to sweeten up my oatmeal, mixing in baked goods and for snacking. I peeled and sliced the Gala apples with my R. Murphy bowie knife. I know, it doesn’t “look” like most folks idea of a bowie but that’s what Murphy calls it. Excellent knife, as are all the Murphy’s I own. I may do a post on those sometime.

The apples were dried overnight:

20140106-145130.jpg Finally, they were stored away in an apothecary jar:


While we had the dehydrator out I sliced up some London Broil for jerky:


After getting the seasoned beef in the dehydrator, I ground about 5 pounds of pork shoulder and made sausage. Then, after breakfast this morning, I milled some buckwheat and hard winter wheat for hot cereal and pancakes:

20140106-145740.jpg. Plans are to cook up a batch of fresh sausage and buckwheat cakes for supper tonight. It may be cold outside but we are eating good!