About a week and a half ago I mixed up a sourdough starter. Actually, this was the third try this winter…the first two molded instead of souring. I had another starter going about a year ago but let it die. This one seems “stronger”. Anyway, I have been diligently feeding what Teresa refers to my “monster” and it is really starting to bubble and froth and smell like sourdough! So…being off work today I thought I might give a loaf of bread a go. I made it from about half white and half whole wheat flour. I only let the loaf rise about three hours but we think it turned out great! It had a nice crust and a hearty flavor, enhanced I’m sure by the caraway seeds I threw in the mix. Went great with Teresa’s left over beef roast and the salad I threw together. It was a bit heavy…next time I’ll let it raise a little more – maybe even punch it down and let it raise twice.


20140225-190103.jpg Thanks for looking…bart