The crew at work decided to bring in stuff for a “big salad” yesterday…lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, raisins, nuts, cheese…well, you get the picture. I volunteered to make bread. Thought I’d try something a little different so made it mostly whole-wheat and threw in some buckwheat, whole oats and grated cheddar for good measure. We had some fresh chives in the garden so those went in as well. And just to make things interesting, I threw in a couple ramps…yep, RAMPS! I took the oversized loaf to work and only told them that it was a little “pungent” because of the “fresh herbs” I put in the bread. I knew that because of ramps’ “stinky” reputation, some of our more finicky eaters would not even try it if they knew what was in it.
Well, I’m pleased to say that my ramp bread got rave reviews…even from the finicky…and I revealed my “secret ingredient” after everyone had tried it. They accused me of being sneaky…nah! Thanks for lookin…bart. .