Ever hungry, ever vigilant…

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Thanks for looking…bart


Robins are hatching…

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Three of the four little blue Robin’s eggs we have been watching have hatched. Momma seems to have gotten used to us. When disturbed, she will fly to our redbud a few feet away and watch as we ogle and take pictures.


Robin’s Nest!

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Ma Robin decided to grace us with, well, a “bird’s eye view” (sorry…couldn’t resist) of her nest. It’s in a pot of flowers on our front porch! The Robin gave Teresa quite a fright when she watered the flowers! I hope the neighborhood vermin will leave them alone.

Thanks for looking…bart

Baby Wrens

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Teresa has a beautiful begonia in a hanging basket on the front porch.


Recently we discovered that a momma wren had built a nest right in the middle of the flower. Momma has been real fussy if you even threaten to get close. Today we noticed that she was making multiple trips with food! The picture isn’t the highest quality (I held a flashlight while Teresa snapped a photo with her phone) but it looks like momma has several mouths to feed:


And life goes on…